New Year Sale


How does it work?

It's really easy plug & play setup. Place HYPELIGHTS™ Projector where you think it's the best for your room and all you need to do is turn it on with remote control (works like your regular TV remote). The hardest part is to choose which galaxy you want to select, since they all look so great!


How many galaxies does it have? 
It has 4 main colors: Blue, Red, Yellow, White. 
You can mix and match each of those colors. For example: Red & White, Yellow & Red and so on...

Does HYPELIGHTS™ Projector have a speaker?
Yes, HYPELIGHTS™ Projector has a built in speaker! Just connect with your phone through bluetooth and play your music from Spotify, Apple Music or any other app you have.


Does the galaxy move?
Yes! You can adjust between 3 galaxy movement settings or if you don't like movement, you can put it on "still" mode.


Is my payment secure?
All payments made on our website are secured with 256-bit encryption.


If I tag you on instagram will you share me?
Yes we will share all the customers who tag us (@thehypelights)


Can I control 2 strips with the same remote?
Yes! You can control all the strips with one remote, they use the same type of signal.


Is the shipping really free?
Our shipping is completely free and there are no hidden fees or import duties.


Which plug type will I get?
HYPELIGHTS™ Projector - USB powered
LEDs - You'll receive plug type for your country.
Currently we support only: US, UK, EU & AU plug types. Contact us at if you need a custom plug.


There was no battery in my remote?
Unfortunately, because of the shipping restrictions we can't package the battery inside.


Can the strips bend?
Yes our strips can bend at 180 degrees.


How many LEDs should I get?
It depends on how many surfaces you wan't to cover, but we would suggest one strip for each surface. So if you wan't to cover 2 walls and a tv you should get 3 strips.

I'm not sure how to install the lights?
No problem! Check out our Install guide page to find out everything about installation process.